Lori Hardison

Learning how to understand everyone.

on February 18, 2013

I am currently reading a self improvement book called, First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson. First off, if you have been wanting to improve yourself this is a good book to start all you have to do is pay for the s&H and it’s yours. She describes everyone’s personality by using gems.  She also gives you pointers on how to handle each one individually and how to become successful with dealing with others in any situation. This is the part of the book that just got my attention. I hate not being able to figure out a misunderstanding and then feeling helpless on how to fix it to where we can talk it out.


I feel that this book will help me understand my son who is Autistic also. He definitely has his own way of thinking and figuring out any solution. Although I am trying to teach him how to adapt to the outside world he does need a safe haven to feel he can be himself when we are together.  I love the fact this book is going to show me just how to improve as a person and help others.


Time to enjoy some much needed family time. Here’s to having a great night!




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