Lori Hardison

Why I started getting healthy

on February 19, 2013

It started really just a few months after my divorce, I began to notice how my oldest was gaining weight. He was 6 years old when it happened and I had started working for the first time in 5 years. I had to get adjusted to being a newly single mom and making things happen to get life to normal for us. He is autistic and as he has shown me over the years just when you think you have him figured out, BAM, something new shows up.  Now we are here 6 years later and he weighs as much as I do, at 12 years old. SMH, now how did I let this happen? I began to realize he was eating his feelings with a lot of crazy outside stress that was coming into our home.


Then I saw that he did learn it from me and time to change things, part of his issue is he doesn’t know when he is full so he will eat all day if you let him.  I hope to make things better and get him moving soon so we can get him healthy again. He doesn’t need to know this pain of carry all that weight around with him, as I use to do the same. Here we are at the beginning of mommy making this right for him. I got this and I know my baby will too.


2 responses to “Why I started getting healthy

  1. 1 month into Power 90! Already feeling great.. going to move to P90X next.

    • lorihardison says:

      GREAT! I did 7 weeks of the prep schedule and just started my first challenge group so into day 3 of the workout program. I plan on moving to insanity and P90X also! TurboFire keeps we revved up!

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