Lori Hardison

The Rodeo

on February 24, 2013

The things that we do for our kiddos isn’t always a bad thing. A local rodeo was in town this week and my kiddos asked to go. MEh really a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls? I lived in the city for 5 years and found that was home to me. I moved back to my home town for a bit and I am so out of my element here. I may have been born in the south but I am not a southerner at heart by no means. I reluctantly bought the tickets and we went last night. Whew, although time went by fast it was worth taking them. I was wishing it wouldn’t end just to watch the kiddos reactions to everything from the clowns, to the dogs, to them cheering on the cowboys! I didn’t realize how much my lil one enjoyed the rodeo(or radio as he says) but later in the show after the announcer would say make some noise for him they like that. He sure enough would be making some noise. It was an awesome night of family night! I may not have been into it much but they were and really enjoyed themselves. It was well worth it. Now for mommy to take them to one of her shows…….wrestling. 🙂


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