Lori Hardison

Five Big “Thank You”s

on September 3, 2013

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

As most of you know, this Eastwood Eagle Watchers group was born back in the fall of 2008 shortly after Jim and Cindy flew into Dayton and started nesting. As we stood in the inclement weather watching the eagles, two other eagle enthusiasts and myself decided that there should be some process that we could use to share the beauty, grace and power of these majestic creatures. Our goals were simple. We wanted to do what we could to protect their privacy and insure their success while documenting their progress, as well as share the experience, as best we could, while educating others about the American Bald Eagle in general and Jim and Cindy specifically.  Soon doors began to open that enabled us to do just that.

Through a series of events we have been allowed some limited access to the nesting area that has presented us with the opportunity to better document their activity and assist in their protection. …

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