Lori Hardison

You Know We Worry So

on October 20, 2013

Going to see if we can catch a glimpse of these today.

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

Parents often utter those words when asking their children to call home once in a while. I feel the same way every year when Jim or Cindy disappears for a few days and the remaining eagle sits and waits. The weather here has been pretty gloomy and the hazy lighting has been pretty poor for photography but we have seen a lot of scenes like this lately.


But this was the scene today along Ohio Route 4!


Now the reports from the well field crews include sightings of both Jim and Cindy working on last year’s aerie, and indeed, that is the case. This activity will increase as winter approaches and should grow more consistent as courting behavior intensifies. Many of the trees in the area are already shedding leaves and that should make spotting the eagles considerably  less challenging. Hopefully, this will also make it easier to watch their comings…


and their goings.



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