Lori Hardison


I have been on a weight loss/ be healthy kick for the last 2 years. So far my total is 30 pounds. I have been switching between programs all the time always having workout ADD. A friend introduced me to TurboFire. I fell in love but still couldn’t get motivated to workout because I would always end up getting injured. I felt hopeless that I may never be able to get the body I have always wanted due to my limitations of a genetic disorder I have. One day I was reading the booklet that came with the DVDs and found a prep schedule. I haven’t looked back since!

I graduated to Insanity and P90X these last few weeks. Progress pictures to come next week.

Good luck with all your goals and we are in this together. We got this!

You can contact me on Facebook.com/LoriHardison

If you need anything I am here to support you.


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