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My WHY on becoming a beachbody coach part 2

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My WHY on becoming a beachbody coach part 1

After I healed up a few weeks the doctor started me with Physical Therapy.  I ended up taking it for 8 months, I didn’t really understand why I was taking so long to get my muscles going. My son was constantly going to the specialist and getting testing when we were finally referred to a genetics doctor. We got our answer, turns out he and I had a parital chromosome deletion. Thru years and years of wondering and tinkering with what works without breaking anything we are constantly learning what works.  We aren’t followed by a specialist anymore as the doctors don’t know how to treat us as we don’t fall under a certain syndrome for them to help. I began having nerve pain along with my joint aches and pains. Evently my lower left leg went numb and I thought I was going to have to deal with this the rest of my life.

I started this weight loss journey over 2 years ago and although I worked out it didn’t come off like I wanted. I did most of this with a nasty diet of barely eating. I was just fed up with how my body ached being over a good weight and I was trying hard with what I knew. I finally found the ideal workout yet still couldn’t get to moving. Although I was at my weight goal I still had no tone and at risk for breaking and dislocating joints. I was starting to get very down and frustrated until Christmas 2012 when I found the prep program for TurboFire. I did that for two months and then the program for two months. I was starting the third month when I starting losing concentration of the routines. I was mentally done with TurboFire and not sure how I would do on P90X and Insanity. I finally decided to push play on those two and haven’t looked back. I am proud to say since January I have gone from 40% to 80% pain free with gaining tone and muscles. I have set a realistic goal of December 2013 to be completely pain free. I will get there I know it.

My reason for this blog was to say that I am living a dream of something I didn’t think would be possible with my issues. I realized I could after being told for so long that I can’t because it will harm me.  Nothing can hold you back, you can do what you put your mind to even if it’s with modifications. I feel I can help those who are in the same position I was in just a couple years ago. I am learning and growing each day, I hope I get a chance to get to grow and learn with you one day as well.

And remember no matter what, YOU GOT THIS!

Take care,


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My WHY on becoming a Beachbody coach part 1

It was 24 years ago and I was on my way onto the basketball court after half time. I was playing recreational basketball, it was my second year playing. As I walked up to the free throw line I felt a sharp pain in my knee and then I fell to the floor. I remember being in a lot of pain and not being able to walk. I was helped to the bench and I sat there watching the rest of the game on the sidelines with ice on my knee. The game was on a Saturday, which meant we have to wait until Monday to go to the pediatrician. A couple of days of doing nothing but having my leg propped up on the couch while icing it sure why not. I was taken to the pediatrician who then referred us to an orthropedic. Yeah he wasn’t sure what was going on, although it was getting better the wait wasn’t that bad. I don’t remember how long we had to wait to get into the orthropedic but I remember the horror once I was explained exactly what was going on. I was diagnosed with pattella subluxation which means I was born without a groove for your kneecap. I was 10 years old and still had 8 years left of school. This became 8 years of no hard contact sports and no gym classes. By age 13 I had to have surgery on both knees to hopefully help with their alignment. That was my summer break completely wasted. After my knees healed, which felt like forever, I had to get use to walking “normal” again.


Feeling down on myself and hating myself, although I obviously couldn’t help this was always on my mind. I always felt left out of normal activities like playing in gym with everyone else. When I made it to high school I was happy that I only had to take a year of health & P.E. by then I was on my fourth year of walking for gym. Believe me it gets very boring and you get tired of hearing how you are faking it. My knees did calm down a bit after my freshmen year but still liked to go their own way, go their own way! ( Yeah total Fleetwood Mac reference)


I wasn’t a big girl, my graduation I weighed 100 lbs, now I am thankful for that in hindsight or things would have been a lot worse than what they could have been in my near future coming up. I got married, a year later had a child. During that pregnancy I gained 80 lbs. The day I gave birth I weighed 200 pounds. Milky ways were my friend during that pregnancy. By now I thought hey my knees have finally decided they like me and let’s hope I can live “normal” now. I was to be tested which came to be one of many times in my life. A few months go by and my son is around 6 months old when we were finally able the doctors to get a diagnosis of some sorts to get him physical therapy. See he had no muscle tone, he didn’t hold his head up until he was 8 months old. He was delayed on every mildstone but as we got him more physical therapy, it seemed like everything was happening back to back. Fast forward to 3 years later, January 2004, that is the month I will NEVER forget. I believe it was a couple weeks before my son turned 3. I didn’t lose much weight after I had him I was now 185 lbs. Yeah you read that right 15 whole pounds is all I lost after having him. His dad was away on training, although it was near, and was calling the house. As I walked across the living room my left knee locked up on my, I didn’t realize it until it was too late. I put my left down and that is when I heard the most horrific POP and I couldn’t walk. I was calm and just thinking ok it’s been a long time since my knees have dislocated that is why it hurts like this and I can’t walk.  We took a trip to the ER to find out after hours upon hours being there that they believe the injury was new, well duh ya think? And sent me to a neighboring military hospital.  We were there for hours also not getting many answers other than having an MRI. We made an appt for the next day, I get there talk with the doctor he decides ok given my prior diagnosis we will do physical therapy for a few weeks and then come back to him. Yes he looked over my MRI results and then we were on our way. About an hour after I got home I got a call from him saying he was wrong and do not go to PT, I broke my knee he could see a piece floating on the xray. He didn’t really want to believe it was that but we had to do surgery anyway to make sure. A few days later I was coming out of surgery, and I apparently in shock until then because that pain of waking up nothing not even morphine touched that gut wrenching pain. Yes the doctor was right I had broken off an inch of my knee cap. Wait……..what?!?!?!? /shrug ok we can do this. I will have some PT and be done with it……yeah rude awakening number 2 on it’s way.

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