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Whew where did the time go?

Yeah Yeah I know I said a few months ago about getting back on the ball. Life has gotten in my way but that’s Okies cus I got this. I will do my best to check in more often and give you awesome things to read. Until then take care.

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It’s Been A While

Life has been hectic since last time I posted anything here. I became manager of my store so lately that has taken a bit part of my days, I hope to be able to start posting more trying to learn how to jungle everything again. I hope all is well and that your days have been good, until next time take care.

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comfort zone



I have been working in this the last week and I am starting to see results of just how things change once you get out of your comfort zone. So take your time try it and let me know how it works for you?

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bad days

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